Set Your Mind & Go!

21 Jul

Have you ever set your mind on a goal or a new project you’ve always wanted to do, but then you decided to push it aside for a bit?  Now it may be three or five years later, and you’ve discovered that maybe you still want to do it and just don’t know how to begin?  That means I could have obtained a black belt in karate…I could have been fit again and maybe built enough endurance to join a marathon…I could have been maybe ten thousand dollars richer if I made better choices to save…I could have been a published author of a children’s book I’ve always wanted to write…  Sometimes we are hindered by unexpected life circumstances.  Sometimes life just gets busy, but then five years pass by and you realize you’ve accomplished so little.  How could we stay focused and keep our determination to reach for the things we want to accomplish?  What is it that we need in order to avoid losing any more time?  I’m sure you would agree with me that life is just whizzing by and we’re just not getting any younger.So, what must we learn about determination?  Well, of course, it’s easy to be determined, but to stay determined is another story.  This reflects back to the story about my daughters who recently taught me that determination is when you think beyond and never let go of what you believe you’ll do. They were eagerly determined to meet their favorite celebrity, Ariana Grande, and they had a plan from the beginning to the end. According to my daughters, we had to follow this plan or we would lose our chance to meet her. The end results of their day…? They met Ariana Grande and it was exciting for all of us! (see pics below)How do be begin?  Prioritize your goals and begin with the most important one. Think about your end results and know why you want this.  Most likely, if you don’t know why you want this, then you probably don’t want it.  Approach it slowly, one day at a time, and don’t lose sight of your end results.  (Ex. You will be debt-free!) Don’t skip any steps in reaching your goal or you will probably get discouraged.  As you build your tolerance, you will increase your power of determination. When you have less focused days, take a half-step forward, and know that in the long run, you will see success. Just remember, there may be some obstacles, so don’t give up. In five years, I promise you will be satisfied in knowing that you have persevered!

Yes, the autographs!
Sabrina talks to Ariana Grande–July 17, 2011
Erica and Ariana Grande–July 17, 2011
 Veronica & Ariana Grande–July 17, 2011

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